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What is the Best Scrap Metal to Collect?

Did you know that recycling steel, such as via scrap metal, can reduce air pollution by up to 86%? There are many environmental benefits of scrapping used metal materials. That's why it's such a growing industry.

Further, certain kinds of scrap metal are better to collect or sell than others. Connect with the most reliable scrap metal yard Hagersville and Waterford has to offer for more specific guidance.

This article, though, is a great place to start. We'll cover the various metals that Canada's scrap yard typically has. Keep reading to see which material might be worth your investment.

Types of Scrap Metal

Many types of scrap metal exist, but some are more valuable than others. It can be a lot to sort through since the country scraps millions of tonnes of these metals yearly. Still, here are some you'll likely run into in Canadian scrap yards.

  • Copper - commonly found in electrical wiring, pipes, and roofing materials and valuable because it's an excellent conductor of electricity

  • Aluminum - lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use in many products such as beverage cans, window frames, and car parts

  • Brass - a metal alloy made from copper and zinc, commonly found in plumbing fixtures, door handles, and musical instruments

  • Steel - the most commonly recycled metal in the world, used in many products such as cars, appliances, and construction materials

Steel is valuable because it is strong and can be recycled repeatedly. It's also a ferrous metal, which means it contains iron.

Recycling ferrous scrap metals can have a positive lasting impact on the environment. This makes it a particularly attractive feature of collecting this metal.

The Best Scrap Metal to Collect

If you're collecting scrap metal for any reason, you're likely considering costs. It's worth noting that ferrous and non-ferrous metals rose by over 20% in 2021.

Based on current market value, copper is the best scrap metal to collect. Copper is currently worth more than aluminum, brass, and steel. However, copper is not always easy to find and collect.

Steel is the best scrap metal to collect if availability is your top consideration. Steel is also relatively easy to collect because it's heavy and can be transported in large quantities.

Where to Find It

The best places for people to find scrap metal would be more likely networking, helping people who need to remove it from their homes, their own house during a renovation, or items that broke and are no longer usable. Also common out here are estate clean-ups and farm cleanups.

Trusted Scrap Metal Yard in Hagersville

You're now much more familiar with the most common scrap metal materials. Whether collecting or selling them, you deserve to work with a scrap metal yard in Hagersville you can trust. That's where we at JLM Metal Recycling & Auto Parts come in.

We can help you sort through your old metals or find new materials that suit your needs. Contact us now to learn about the many ways we can benefit you.


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