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A Large Inventory of Car Parts 

Get the parts you are looking for at budget-friendly prices.

New and Old Auto Parts in Waterford

JLM Metal Recycling & Auto Parts can help give new life to your vehicle with our new or used auto parts. Need a replacement part? We can help. You can find new aftermarkets parts from major manufacturers. This is an economical option as you will find everything under the same roof. Furthermore, we pull, clean and test our parts! We are located in Hagersville and Waterford and can deliver auto parts throughout Ontario.

Scrap auto parts
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We Deliver Across Ontario!

High-quality and Certified Used Auto Parts - the Preferred Choice for the Environment and Your Wallet

The majority of used parts can be purchased in the same great condition and at a cost that is up to 60% lesser than new parts.

When you buy used parts from us, you are not only saving a lot of money but also giving a new life to the parts which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Our auto parts department can assist you.

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